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i joined today and read some tes,,,,, and i like it, seems like this is good web site,,,, I am looking for a discreet .... from minnesota, hope i will get some luck
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factoryville Pennsylvania nice guys threeisbetter55, 63 years old straight, married (open marriage) man from factoryville, Pennsylvania, United States who is seeking women, couples and looking for anything, discreet relationship, swinging couple or partner, 1-on-1 sex, casual encounters

new to this

Wife wants to try open marriage .....so I guess I should try to "get onboard"..... Nice guys , very easy going , looking for a little more than sex. would like to find a compatible relationship.

Chesapeake Virginia nice guys Niceguy831, 37 years old straight, married man from Chesapeake, Virginia, United States who is seeking women and looking for erotic chat/e-mail, discreet relationship

Nice guys

I'm white married guy. The is nice but don't get any at home look for some fun

Webster Texas nice guys AustinBigD157, 27 years old straight, single man from Webster, Texas, United States who is seeking women, men and looking for one night stand, discreet relationship, 1-on-1 sex, casual encounters, long term relationship

mainly looking for a relationship but will do 1 night stands

I am one of those nice guys at some people say I'm too nice sometimes but I also don't take no bullshit if I truly care about someone I will do just about anything to make them happy I just had a heart break with someone who started at the best friend just trying to get back out there I've also been told countless times I am outstanding in bed for those of you who were just looking to fuck all I can say is I got the right tool for the job

terre haute Indiana nice guys trickster30, 48 years old straight, single man from terre haute, Indiana, United States who is seeking women and looking for discreet relationship, 1-on-1 sex, casual encounters, long term relationship

Blue eyes

Tall handsome man with light brown hair blue eyes and thin body type. Never had a complaint in the bedroom. Thick in my britches! LoL! You will be singing at work the following day! Not afraid to pleasure you orally! Gentle not rough unless you prefer that and encourage me. Love to role play ! Have a bit of a foot fetish! LoL! Leg and ass man! Boobs a plus but not a must. Disease free and not just a perverted jackass! I have character. Love comedy and can have you laughing so hard you pee when I get on a roll. Dont like to admit it cause they say nice guys finish last but Im a rather nice guy ! I have a heart. What are you gonna do? You know?

birmibgham Alabama nice guys belltower198198, 31 years old straight, single man from birmibgham, Alabama, United States who is seeking women and looking for discreet relationship, 1-on-1 sex, long term relationship

nice guys don't always finish last.

i am looking for a 1 on 1 relationship. I want someone who is understanding and patient since i am inexperienced. I am up for anything if you will just be patient and show me you care. I am athletic and like to exercise. I like walking, talking, and watching movies.

Montreal Quebec nice guys Pete555, 25 years old straight, single man from Montreal, Quebec, Canada who is seeking women and looking for anything

Normal kind looking to have fun

I'm a nice guys looking to have fun , want to have some good sex with a beautiful girl

houston Texas nice guys ChocolateCurves, 28 years old straight, single woman from houston, Texas, United States who is seeking men and looking for 1-on-1 sex


Im just here to find nice guys witch nice dicks that can make my pussy overload with cum all nite.

Beatrice Nebraska nice guys okletsdoit212, 39 years old straight, single man from Beatrice, Nebraska, United States who is seeking women and looking for one night stand, discreet relationship, 1-on-1 sex

new here, kinda shy

Other sites girls just want dating, or LTR, real nice guys . I have been friendzoned way too much. So can you help?

empire California nice guys califstud1, 54 years old straight, single man from empire, California, United States who is seeking women and looking for erotic chat/e-mail, discreet relationship, 1-on-1 sex, casual encounters, long term relationship


I hate head games,people that cheat, and im not a guy that treats women like crap ,been told nice guys finish last im one of them ,want a women i can trust, and wants to be treated like a lady

Monterey California nice guys Nina4BBC, 35 years old straight, married woman from Monterey, California, United States who is seeking men and looking for one night stand, discreet relationship, casual encounters, bondage & discipline, long term relationship

Any black parties looking for entertainment?

My black lover James helped made my boldest fantasy into what I am now heart and soul. My transition from a proper white wife and mother into James slave when he said that one of his friends was getting married and I would be the entertainment. He had already set up the whole affair. I was both excited and nervous. I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into. My husband Mark wasn't invited and I'd be at the mercy of a group of horny black men . I just had to trust that James would take care of me and look after his property. The bachelor party was to be held at a very nice resort near Atlanta. So, early one Saturday morning, I kissed my husband and children good bye as James picked me up at my house. I was wearing a pair of short shorts and a T shirt with no panties or bra. James likes me that way. When James stopped for gas, I went into the station to tease the guys hanging around, let them see my wedding rings, and give them a real good look at the married white slut who was with the sexy black man out front. I get such a kick out of flaunting my naughtiness. The guys reserved a few rooms, with one of them a large suite and we settled in there. There were seven guys including the groom, a guy named Leon, James, Big Earl, Tashon, the guy who had that pool party a couple of months back, and guys named Cliff, John and Andy. They were all really nice guys . I was surprised that I wasn't at all nervous like I thought I might be. I've just become real comfortable being around black guys. We ordered some food to the room and the guys started playing cards and watching TV. I had changed so I was dressed really sexy for them, little booty skirt, a tiny black bra top that showed off by size B breasts nicely, and slutty platform heels. I was also wearing a necklace with a 69 pendant that I had bought just for the occasion. I assumed the role of hostess, getting them beers and food. I was really having fun and enjoying being the center of attention. It was exciting being the only girl among a group of black guys who were getting more horny by the minute. I took any opportunity to sit on their laps so they could run their black hands up my white legs and over my breasts. I of course teased them, caressing their stiffening cocks through their pants, kissing them and then skipping away. It's such a feeling of power knowing that I could have that effect on them, making them crave my body so. When I was "serving" James he said, "Why don't you take that top off and show the bros your titties?" That was all the encouragement I needed. Ever since I'd gotten my nipples pierced, I take every opportunity to show them off. I still can't believe how much I've changed. Just a few months ago I would have been horrified by just the thought of being topless in front of strange men, but there I was glorying at the cheers I received as I stripped off my top. They all loved my pierced nipples. I've become such an exhibitionist since I've turned black, now I just love to be naked in front of black men . Of course, as I was serving the guys topless, they took every opportunity offered to feel my breasts. I teased them some more, pushing my breasts into their faces so they could lick my naked ivory flesh. Its such a turn on to have a black mouth sucking at my breast. After a while I did a little striptease as I shed my shorts. That left me in just a black thong and shoes. It felt so sexy sliding those shorts down over my hips. I danced a little for the guys that way, but they were clamoring to see me completely naked, so I soon danced my way out of even my thong. It was already soaked from all the attention I was getting and from my anticipation of what was to come. Naked except for shoes, I approached Tashon. I danced up to him, placing my hands around his strong neck. I straddled his leg, rubbing my wet, bare pussy against his pants as he grasped my ivory ass in his large black hands. He noticed how my excitement had soaked his leg. I felt a large black finger enter me, testing. Withdrawing Tashon announced, "This horny white bitch is sure ready for some black cock!" I danced away and over to Andy. I kissed him square on the mouth as he too tested my level of excitement. One by one, I visited each of the guys, ending with the groom. I sat on Leon's lap. Our mouths met in a long kiss, his tongue diving down my throat, his finger gently caressing my clitoris. Breaking the kiss, I asked, "Do you want to fuck me ?" "Yea, I'm ready fo a piece of your l'll white ass," was his immediate response. I grabbed his hand, and led my trophy to the bed room. I was pretty cocky from parading around naked, teasing all those black men . Once in the bed room, I faced him and said, "I'll give you something to remember whenever you're with your new bride." Then I pulled myself to him and we started kissing. Our tongues danced in the erotic way lovers kiss. I could feel his already hard dick pressing against my tummy. I rubbed myself against him, massaging his cock between us. He was a great looking black guy and I was really getting into him. I pulled his shirt off. He looked great, pretty muscular, not not overly so. Getting down on my knees, I undid his belt, pulled down his pants, freeing his straining cock. He was nicely hung, not huge for a black guy , but much, much bigger than my white husband. I started worshiping his already hard cock . God, how I love black cock in my mouth. It feels so wrong and so right all at the same time to be on my knees servicing a black man with my mouth. I had no trouble deep throating him till his balls slapped against my chin. "You sure a hungry white bitch," he commented. "Where did you learn to suck black dick like that? You sure do like it, don't you" I didn't feel a need to answer. He knew I was James' married white bitch, and that James made me the slut for back cock I'd become. "Get on the bed girl," he ordered. "Time for me to take some of that fine white pussy you pass 'round." I hoped onto the bed on all fours and almost immediately felt the pressure of his slick cock against my pussy lips. I was so wet from all the excitement that he slid right in full depth. Oh, that felt good! I swear I was born to have black men fuck me . I love how they stretch and fill me. It's what I need. "Yes, fuck me you black bastard," I called out. "I need a good black fucking." He was quiet as he slammed into me with all his strength. He had his hands on my hips and pulled himself into me with each stroke. I was really getting into it; I didn't even notice the crowd that had entered the room to watch. I was soon moaning in my first orgasm of the evening. It was a nice strong black orgasm that traveled up my spine. That was the cue for the guys to start cheering us on; calling for him to fuck me harder and fill me "real" cum. My moaning must have set him off because he stiffened, pulled himself into me as hard as he could, and filled my pussy with his Negro seed. I just love to feel a black cock spasm inside me! When Leon was finished with me, I reached over and grabbed James saying, "I figure I should fuck the one who brought me next." I helped him undress and sucked him enough to make sure he was good and hard. "Lay down so I an rode your beautiful black cock," I said. I straddled him and slid my cum-soaked pussy over that gorgeous ebony rod I so lust after. Then I rode him with wild abandon. I could feel the head of his cock bumping up against my cervix. God I love that so! I was soon cuming big time, great body wrenching orgasms were radiating through me from my vagina to my fingers and toes. James came hard as I was bucking wildly, gasping for air in some strange orgasm induced state. After James, I returned to where the guys were hanging out and snuggled up to Tashon. We started kissing, long deep kisses. I really like Tashon, he's one sexy nigger! He's a real Alpha male, good looking, muscular, rich. The way he carries himself, everybody knows he's a man deserving of respect. As I started undoing his shirt, he led me to the bedroom. As I undressed him, he said, "that James is a lucky nigger to have such a fine white bitch." I responded, "I think you're real sexy, and I plan on showing you just how fine I am." He pulled me to him and as we kissed, my heightening arousal caused semen to run out of my pussy and down my leg. I kissed my way down his ebony chest to his nice black dick. I started to mouth and kiss his cock. His is good sized even for a black man . I had been lusting after this opportunity ever since I first met him, and now I my ebony prize in my white mouth. He reached down and tugged on the rings through my nipples, as if to pull me closer to him, making me even more excited. After a bit, he ordered, "get on the bed bitch. Let's see how much niggah' cum you can take." I hoped onto the bed on all fours and waved my lilly-white ass in his direction. "Please fuck me hard!" I begged. "I want to feel all of your beautiful black cock." I was thinking how wonderful it was that I was with Tashon and that he was going to be fucking me instead of that beautiful white wife he left at home. But I didn't have long to think. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto my side. From behind, he plunged his stiff cock into me full depth; so fast, I left out an involuntary grunt. I hadn't been prepared for the force of his entry. It was even stronger because of all the black sperm already in my pussy; my vagina offered little resistance to his assault. And assault it was. He lost no time in hammering me real hard. He ran a finger through each nipple ring and commenced to pull so hard on them it brought tears to my eyes. Never had anyone ever taken me so violently, so brutally. It felt as if the rings would be pulled right through my nipples. "Yes!" I found myself gasping. " Fuck me ...hard! Hurt me! Hurt me...with...your nigger cock!" I really needed him to fuck me hard. He grasped a handful of blond hair, pulled back until I thought my neck would snap and asked, "Is this hard 'nough bitch?" In spite of the pain, I managed a meek, "no". He was driving me wild. Then I don't remember much else of what happened. I started cuming harder than I ever had before. I was lost in violence induced orgasms. Even though he was the third man of the evening to fuck me , I was cuming so hard! I didn't even feel him cum. I was just aware that he had released me and that I had collapsed into a heap on the bed with copious amounts of black seed oozing from my battered vagina. Through the haze of my mind, I heard him say, "you're sure one fine white bitch." Even though I was no stranger to sex with black men , no one had ever manhandled me that way before. Tashon left and I just lay there for a bit, catching my breath and letting my brain recover from the sensual overload it had been subjected to. When I recovered enough, I went back out where the guys were hanging, had a beer and smoked a little weed. I of course just stayed naked; after all the evening had just begun. Big Earl strode up to me. I had fucked him several times before and have really grown to love his very thick, very black cock. "Is you littl' white pussy ready for me now?" He inquired. "You stretched out 'nuff for a real cock?" I didn't say anything. I just looked up at him and smiled as I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. There I undressed him and sucked his marvelous black rod to its full size. I was horny with the expectation of being stretched and filled with that wonderful piece of dark meat. When he was ready, I got onto the bed, pointed my white ass at him and taunted, "have at it lover boy!" He wasted no time in getting behind me and fucking me dogie style. I was already pretty stretched out by the other guys, but Earl was still tight, he's so big. Just the fullness I experienced from his big cock quickly sent me into another series of mind-bending orgasms. When I rejoined the guys, Cliff, a guy I had just met said, "Hey girl, how about getting your white ass over here? I'd like some a dat." I walked over and sat on his lap. We smoked some weed as he played with my nipples and we kissed. I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my white hand over his muscular black chest, admiring the beautiful contrast of our skin. Being on his lap, I could feel his excitement build. Before long, he lifted my up as if I were weightless and carried me to the bed, placing me on it on my back. I watched as he undressed, revealing a very muscular, lean body. His cock was hard as a rock; he was ready and raring to go. I couldn't believe it, but I was really horny. I get so worked up sucking and fucking black cock, I couldn't wait to get fucked for the fifth time! I think black sex is addicting. I just couldn't get enough. Lucky for me I was surrounded by lots of horny niggers. Cliff fucked me missionary style. He was slow and methodical. I loved his paced rhythm. I fell into sync with him, and and when I felt him begin to quiver as he blew his black seed into my womb, I too came. "Yes Cliff, fuck me ." I cried, "Fill me with your black seed." As more orgasms ripped through my body. I don't know what it was, but the orgasms were huge all night long. I was living my fantasy. I was so sensuously horny all evening. I had reached an incredible state of sexual arousal and I just stayed there, no matter how tired or sore I was. When I reentered the main room, Andy looked lecherously at me and said, "Come over here bitch and git on you knees. I wanna see you suck my black dick." As I knelt before him, he pulled pulled the blackest cock out of his pants I had ever seen. I paused for a moment to just admire the blackness of it. I marveled at how it glistened ebony as I coated it with my saliva. All the other guys were now watching the show. I can't tell you what a turn on that was, to be the center of attention as I knelt naked sucking a big black cock. I'm very oral and I love to suck cock, even my husband's. But I REALLY love to suck black cock, and with an audience to boot! I started in to really suck and deep throat him. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed John pulling out his cock. It was clear these two didn't want to fuck me ; they just wanted to be sucked off. I guessed that they didn't trust their precious cocks in a white slut like me. It's weird, but that realization, that I was too much of a slut for a nigger to fuck, really excited me. As I worked, I sat on my legs keeping them close together so that by rocking back and forth I could stimulate my cum-soaked pussy. I reached out and began to fondle John's cock while I sucked Andy. When he was hard, I began to suck him while I continued to pump Andy. As I was going back and forth like that, I started to feel those oh-so-pleasant clitoral orgasms brought on by my rocking. After a bit, I felt Andy begin to tense, so I really started to deep throat him. His first stream of cum went right down my throat. The second filled my mouth, and the third blast of cum caught me square in the face as he pulled back, giving me a cum facial. With cum in my hair and dripping off my chin and down my chest, I proceeded to give John my full attention. "Girl, you a hoe fa sure." I heard John exclaim as I eagerly worked to suck his black seed from him. "You love suckin' nigga' cock mo than any slut I evea see." All the guys were giving me such nice compliments, but I couldn't acknowledge them because my mouth was full of black cock as I serviced my seventh nigger of the evening. Before long, John began to jerk and cum. I had him full in my mouth and I swallowed and milked him with my mouth until he was dry of cum. All the guys were cheering as I stood up naked before them. I was a sight. My hair was a mess with cum plastered in it. The rest of me was covered in dried or drying cum. My pussy was quite sore and my jaw was stiff. It was a pity my husband Mark couldn't see me in all my slut -glory; he would have loved it. Amy, soccer mom, dutiful housewife , and cum- slut for black cock. I excused my self to take a shower and make myself presentable once again. I also wanted to give the guys a chance to relax and recover. I stayed naked as I rejoined the guys. I love parading around naked before black men . I would do it all the time if I could. We relaxed, ate some, had a few beers and smoked a little. It was a great evening. I wasn't quite done yet. Such an opportunity doesn't come very often. I stood up and addressed Leon, James and Tashon, "How would the three of you like to fuck me again? I want to have all three holes filled with black cock at the same time." "Sure thing girl," Tashon promptly responded. "but I want to be the one to take your ass." As they undressed, I sucked each of their cocks to make sure they were ready for me. James lay on his back on the bed; I straddled him. Tashon got behind me and worked his big cock up inside my ass, hurting me beautifully he reached for full depth. Then they were both in place, I took Leon in my mouth and we all tried to coordinate what we were doing. It's a real bitch. We thrashed about for a while. Then I just let Tashon direct my movements. James quickly fell in with us and everything started to work. Tashon had a firm grip on my hips and was driving his black cock up my ass as hard as he could. James was pulling on my nipple rings as he thrust his cock as far into my white pussy as he could. Leon had a fist full of my hair and was really throat fucking me. They were all using me as hard as they could. As soon as we got the rhythm going, I started cuming. I really had to concentrate on Leon's blow job, my mind was in danger of being carried away. Since this was the second time for all of them, I got to be hammered for a long time. Leon was the first to cum. He grunted and proclaimed, "I'm gonna cum bitch!" With that, he blasted his load right in my mouth. I gobbled up and swallowed as much as I could. Then I just let my mind go where the orgasms would take me. I lost all track of time. So many nerve endings were being stimulated all at once. I don't remember much of what happened other than I was in a state of sex induced euphoria. I do know that James came next because after a while only Tashon was still fucking me. Finally he came and I collapsed on James in a sweaty heap. I was one thoroughly fucked white bitch. I was exhausted and sore. Finally I was satiated. It took seven niggers to do it, but I finally had enough black sex. James picked me up and carried me back to our room. There he ass fucked me just because he hadn't had a chance to do that during the gang bang, and because he could. The next morning, as we were all checking out, Tashon came up to me and said, "You sure a good little whore. You took good care o' the bros last night." With that he handed me an envelope. It was open, so I immediately looked inside. There was a thousand dollars in hundred dollar bills. I was really taken back. I mumbled a "Thanks," as the implication settled in. He had just paid me for having sex with the guys as if I was a common prostitute. Was that how he really saw me, as a prostitute? The guys would call me a whore to talk dirty as they fucked me, and I would even say that I was a whore, but this was real. I had been paid for fucking a bunch of horny black guys for an evening. Talk about feeling naughty. Oh my God, did I feel wicked! I was a real whore! I was a white cum- slut who gets paid for fucking.

Livingston California nice guys Ducaticpl, 54 years old straight, married couple from Livingston, California, United States who is seeking women, couples and looking for erotic chat/e-mail, swinging couple or partner, casual encounters

Last of the nice guys

Fun and nasty couple for a nasty couple.

london England nice guys greedylady, 55 years old straight, married couple from london, England, United Kingdom who is seeking men and looking for other or special interest

sexy couple seek gangbang

Hi guys, we are a mid forties attractive sexy couple seeking nice guys to gangbang my beautiful sexy wife. She has long dark brown hair big boobs and an hourglass figure very sexy and attractive. She loves to dress for sex in stockings high heels and sexy outfits and loves nothing more than sucking cock and being fucked. Its been a fantasy of hers for a long time to be gangbanged and i would love to watch and participate and make her fantasy become reality. So come on guys what are you waiting for get in touch and put a big smile on her face and make her one happy lady. You wont be disapointed she is a very naughty lady and is well up for being fucked senceless. Guys with large cocks are very welcome.

Rockford Illinois nice guys Exstasy, 40 years old straight, single man from Rockford, Illinois, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything, one night stand, discreet relationship, 1-on-1 sex

What's Good ladies, look like im 18, down for anything, and really respectful

Im beginning to think i gotta be an asshole cuz females dont like nice guys , i smoke have tatooes, my left eyebrow and ear pierced and my tongue, drink but not an alcholic, hit me up if your interested

Noblesville Indiana nice guys EnergizedCock, 28 years old straight, single man from Noblesville, Indiana, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything, one night stand, erotic chat/e-mail, discreet relationship, 1-on-1 sex, casual encounters, other or special interest

Looking for some fun ladies ;)

I'm normally a nice guys but I want to have some fun girls. Maybe after we can get to know each other and have some fun. Hit me up ladies :)

bay city Michigan nice guys mrgreen9988, 33 years old straight, single man from bay city, Michigan, United States who is seeking women and looking for one night stand, 1-on-1 sex, casual encounters, long term relationship, other or special interest

nice guys finish last

Im an easy going laid back handsome and fun loving guy. What jam looking for is a woman who wants to feel special and appricated for her beauty. I am a loving caring man who has a lot of love and affection to give. For whoever wants it. The feeling I get when a woman is in my arms safe and comfortable it fills me with joy

brampton Ontario nice guys virgin18star, 25 years old straight, single man from brampton, Ontario, Canada who is seeking women and looking for one night stand

Looking for sex , I am 18 and horny

I'm looking for a one night stand with a sexy female . I'm not gonna say anything sentimental like: I like walks on the beach, or I know how to be a gentleman ( nice guys finish last) and well that is why I am here So lets get down with the sex!

Bethany Oklahoma nice guys Latindedulce, 49 years old straight, single man from Bethany, Oklahoma, United States who is seeking women and looking for one night stand, discreet relationship, 1-on-1 sex, casual encounters, long term relationship

Nice guys want to have fun too!

I'm bored, lonely, and a very horny guy who's seeking someone sexy for fun, friendship , and great sex , if that ever happens! LOL. Married, or not, doesn't make any difference, but discretion is a must, if attached. I don't want to wind-up at "Cheaters". If interested, I'll let you know more about me.

delaware Ohio nice guys dreamcather4u, 32 years old straight, single man from delaware, Ohio, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything, one night stand, discreet relationship, 1-on-1 sex, casual encounters, bondage & discipline, long term relationship, other or special interest

Are you the one in my dreams??

hello im levi. im 25 and im a father of a beautiful 5yr old girl named Hayden she my world and my life. i have multi jobs which i work anytime i want for how ever long i work. i love cars and i fix them on my free time. i like to walk, draw, wright poems. and take late night drives for no reason. im looking for someone that can bring my sprits back up to make me fall head over heels for them to smile when thay come home from work to kiss just for no reason... im truly a nice guy and what sad is nice guys do finish last

colorado springs Colorado nice guys triepod, 53 years old straight, separated man from colorado springs, Colorado, United States who is seeking women and looking for one night stand, discreet relationship, swinging couple or partner, 1-on-1 sex, casual encounters

I Need It 2

Couldn't get laid if I were an Egg ........LITTLE HELP Last of the nice GUYS problem is 2 nice 2 get laid LOL

Ausrtin Texas nice guys th3hukster, 55 years old straight, single man from Ausrtin, Texas, United States who is seeking women and looking for one night stand, 1-on-1 sex, long term relationship

Nice Guy

Just trying to prove that nice guys don't always finish last, right?

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