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In My Gang-Bang Fantasy Anything Goes, Especially Through The Back Door A great number of our emails ask for me to write a story of my own. So here it is. It's about a fantasy that I had until it became a reality thanks to my husband. Hope you like. * "Yeah! Yeah! Fuck my ass! Fuck it raw! Fuck it good! Give me what I want!" I was watching a pornographic movie. There were eight men on one woman. One man was underneath the woman with his cock in her pussy. Another man was on top of her, shoving his big meat into her swollen pink asshole. He kept pulling out to show the camera how puffy and open her hole looked, and then he slowly plunged back in. Again and again he pulled out of her anus and then rammed himself back, causing the woman's face to contort with ecstasy. I was stroking my clit with my dildo, watching the pleasure this woman was taking from these men, wishing that I were she. I constantly fantasize about being gloriously gang-banged by a bunch of bad boys wanting to fuck me. 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Just let me put my hands on your bum cheeks and spread them a little, that's a good girl. Oh yeah, you're a sweet girl. You know, you have a really nice ass. A lot of men would love to look at it. In fact, I bet a lot of men would like to put their penises inside it." "Really?" I reply innocently "Oh yeah. Look at all these men here; they all want to stick their cocks inside you. They all want you. Do you want them?" "I guess so. Do you want me to keep my bum in the air like this?" I ask in my girlish voice. "Oh yeah, baby, that's great. Now just relax. I'm going to keep spreading your ass so we can all see. Now my buddy here is going to push his penis against your asshole. So just relax and take it like a good girl." "Okay," I say Another man's big hands are on my ass now, spreading my cheeks apart. A hard object is being pushed against my anus. Two men are in front of me. 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In my fantasy, these men go on fucking my cunt, my asshole and my mouth for hours and hours and I love every second of it!
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Georgetown Kentucky meet people OneNOne, 47 years old straight, separated man from Georgetown, Kentucky, United States who is seeking women and looking for one night stand


I'm always ready for someone new to have fun with. I travel alot and don't always have the time it takes to cordinately meet people . That's why I'm here. So contact me if you desire a one night stand , or maybe a week or two of them.

st louis Missouri meet people stlcpl, 49 years old straight, dating couple from st louis, Missouri, United States who is seeking women, men, couples and looking for anything

new to st louis

she is 5'9 slim, small very perky and very sensitive chest. Long auburn hair and long legs. W are new to the lifestyle and looking to meet people first.

Dayton Ohio meet people joill, 59 years old straight, divorced man from Dayton, Ohio, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

Looking for fun

Would like to meet people for a good time in and out of the bedroom

Chicago Illinois meet people robmar83, 44 years old straight, single man from Chicago, Illinois, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

Chicago Nitelife wooo

Im a very busy executive that does not have a lot of time to get out and meet people . So I thought I would give this a shot. I love going out on the town, and just causin a hell of a good time. Im lookin for someone to share that fun with ...

Greater Manchester England meet people HotStuff78, 37 years old straight, dating man from Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom who is seeking women and looking for one night stand


Hi looking For descreet 1 on 1 sex with horny horny people. Need to meet people who want it just as much as i do! Get in touch turn up climb on then seperate ways how good is that?

lyn Massachusetts meet people fontana65, 30 years old gay, single man from lyn, Massachusetts, United States who is seeking men and looking for 1-on-1 sex

get together

i want to meet people

Cape Girardeau Missouri meet people marc40, 52 years old straight, divorced man from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States who is seeking women, men, couples and looking for 1-on-1 sex

Need Some Fun

I'm normal attractive guy that is tired of playing the relationship game only to find out later that the person is not that interested in sex after all. I'd like to meet people who are up front and love sex as much as I do with no strings attached. Also, I'm willing to try anything, but I'm not into pain. I always give my partner as much or more than what I receive. I do insist on discretion and cleanliness.

lincoln Nebraska meet people singleguy, 59 years old straight, divorced man from lincoln, Nebraska, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

Seeking you for fun

Well, what to say. Has to be interesting but believable. So, assuming you have read the general stats, I am a man who is interested in meeting people for fun and good times. I am not opposed to an LTR, but, that is not my primary goal. My primary goal really is to meet people and fun. Fun comes in many different flavors. Could be sexual, could be movies, could be a lot of different things. If this interests you, than, hey, ask me questions and I will answer truthfully. One request: Be in the local area that I live in.

Hertfordshire England meet people silverback, 42 years old straight, married (open marriage) man from Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom who is seeking women and looking for anything


Fun loving guy looking for women who are game for anything. I love sex of all kinds and cant wait to meet people who feel the same.

bristol Wisconsin meet people pussy69, 44 years old straight, single man from bristol, Wisconsin, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything



allentown Pennsylvania meet people pafriend, 68 years old bisexual, married man from allentown, Pennsylvania, United States who is seeking couples and looking for anything

fun loving like to meet people for friendship chat or w

like meeting and pleasing people friends very important very descreet

edmonton Alberta meet people jimb, 45 years old straight, dating man from edmonton, Alberta, Canada who is seeking women and looking for anything

Were is the fun

Hi. I'm a young attractive 33 year old male who is looking for some women that are fun. I only want to meet people who are interested in having a good time

hagerstown Maryland meet people SmokedBacon, 35 years old straight, single man from hagerstown, Maryland, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

Fun Time Wanted

I just want to meet people and enjoy their company, have fun and see what happens. Just have fun with me

roseville California meet people MightyQuinn, 35 years old straight, single man from roseville, California, United States who is seeking couples and looking for swinging couple or partner

Ooooh Baby, Oooh

I like politics, philosophy, reading about science and keeping up on current events, but sometimes I just like to let go of the world around me and indulge in more sensual pleasures. Being naked with other people is one of my single greatest pleasures in life next to spending an evening at the comedy clubs. I want to travel a lot more when I'm finished with school and would especially love to meet people from other places around the US.

Germantown Maryland meet people goodtimes23, 39 years old straight, engaged man from Germantown, Maryland, United States who is seeking women and looking for discreet relationship

Moved to area and looking to meet people

Looking to have some fun.. No strings attached.

Burlingame California meet people JDUBB, 36 years old straight, single man from Burlingame, California, United States who is seeking women and looking for 1-on-1 sex

Do Me I Would!

I'm a young hardworking, fun, attractive, inteligant man. I'm looking to try and get laid more often. I work alot so it's hard to get out and meet people . I wanna please you over and over till sun rise. Write if interested.

Houston Texas meet people anna647, 30 years old bisexual, single woman from Houston, Texas, United States who is seeking women, men, couples and looking for discreet relationship


I am a very down to earth chic. I want to meet people . I also want to have fun . I am here for anything.

Highlands New Jersey meet people worthalook, 49 years old straight, single man from Highlands, New Jersey, United States who is seeking women and looking for casual encounters


Hi there. I'm new to NJ and I'm looking to to meet people for casual, no-strings, erotic encounters . I'm not opposed to something more with the right person, but I want to keep things simple at first. Of course we'll want to get to know each other a little before venturing into something involving little or no clothing, but If things go really well....who knows, anything is possible! I have a great sense of humor, I'm intelligent, kind, thoughtful, easy-going, and romantic, but I can be a very naughty boy too! I'm very open-minded and open to just about anything. If this sounds good to you, drop me a line.

Saginaw Michigan meet people bhiggins, 60 years old straight, divorced man from Saginaw, Michigan, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

Skin Starved Good Guy

Iím happy and content with who I am, Iím educated, intelligent, caring, honest, a single dad of three girls (and two dogs) I would never intentionally hurt anyone with either words or actions, I keep myself in good physical shape, I take care of myself, Iím easy going rarely get Mad, hate confrontations and confrontational people, Iíll clam up if I feel Iím being attacked and walk away from the situation. The things that stress me are typically the ex and money, which is usually what the ex is after! Iím sarcastic, have an active imagination, have a dirty mind and can be a bit blunt with the sexual innuendoes (Iíve embarrassed myself with things Iíve saidÖthey usually get a laughÖtheyíre never mean) I have a huge sex drive, when there are no kids around Iím likely to be nude (and love a woman that enjoys that comfort and freedom too) I enjoy the simple pleasures in life outdoor activities, family, dogs, boating, sailing going north (Higgins Lake) I only enjoy the bars when going as a group not to hang out and try to meet people , I have a dislike of organized religion and most politicians, I can be quiet in big groups and sometimes in small groups. I sometimes need solitudeÖnot necessarily alone time but no talking time. I am always the optimist and try to always look my best and am happy with that, I take full responsibility for everything I say and do and usually think things out before saying or doing. This is an abbreviated version of who I am! This brief description is not meant to scare anyone away or is it an attempt to make myself more attractive to anyone; itís simply an honest snapshot of ME!

Cincinnati Ohio meet people snappers, 46 years old straight, single man from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

meeting new people

I'm a teacher and a musician.I'm 34 and I've only been on the net for about 3 weeks. This seemed like an interesting place to meet people , so I did it.

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