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In My Gang-Bang Fantasy Anything Goes, Especially Through The Back Door A great number of our emails ask for me to write a story of my own. So here it is. It's about a fantasy that I had until it became a reality thanks to my husband. Hope you like. * "Yeah! Yeah! Fuck my ass! Fuck it raw! Fuck it good! Give me what I want!" I was watching a pornographic movie. There were eight men on one woman. One man was underneath the woman with his cock in her pussy. Another man was on top of her, shoving his big meat into her swollen pink asshole. He kept pulling out to show the camera how puffy and open her hole looked, and then he slowly plunged back in. Again and again he pulled out of her anus and then rammed himself back, causing the woman's face to contort with ecstasy. I was stroking my clit with my dildo, watching the pleasure this woman was taking from these men, wishing that I were she. I constantly fantasize about being gloriously gang-banged by a bunch of bad boys wanting to fuck me. 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In my fantasy, these men go on fucking my cunt, my asshole and my mouth for hours and hours and I love every second of it!
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bath England married male bathuk36male, 48 years old bisexual, married man from bath, England, United Kingdom who is seeking women, men, couples and looking for anything

typical horny married male

hi i am a male who loves being naughty decreet fun is needed in person or on cam

portage Indiana married male tallguy6802, 41 years old straight, married man from portage, Indiana, United States who is seeking women and looking for discreet relationship

married and looking fun more

married male looking for more.

spring Texas married male davetx50, 65 years old straight, married man from spring, Texas, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

married but looking

I am a married male who is starting to look for that something special. Wanted open minded women who wants the same as I do

Steamboat Springs Colorado married male rudy1211, 41 years old bisexual, married (open marriage) man from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

Adventerous Male looking for the right advenure

Married male looking for couples , singles , whoever, or what ever to explore fantasies and live a little on the wild side. Will share wife if interested or swing alone. I'm open to new pleasures, always. SO drop me a line and let's see if we click.

Chaska Minnesota married male cadet, 64 years old straight, married man from Chaska, Minnesota, United States who is seeking women and looking for casual encounters

discreet encounters

Slim married male looking for some outside sex to brighten my days of same old, same old.

Arlington Texas married male aintn0saint, 45 years old straight, married man from Arlington, Texas, United States who is seeking women and looking for erotic chat/e-mail

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

I am a 33 yr old married male who is looking for a female email buddy for online adult play (email, chat, pics, etc). Must be willing to share/trade erotic and nude photos. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. : ) Sex isn't only subject - will chat about anything. I'm easy going and fun. I love to joke around. I am extremely open minded and open to any discussion subject. I'm not looking for a physical relationship, but just a friend that I can chat with and when the conversation turns to sex, is willing to show her stuff! : )

chicago Illinois married male justhavingfun, 47 years old straight, married man from chicago, Illinois, United States who is seeking women and looking for 1-on-1 sex


Married male looking for married women with same desires of having fun and sex on the side . No long term affairs, strings or relationships.

McDonough Georgia married male HARDLYLOOKING, 52 years old straight, married man from McDonough, Georgia, United States who is seeking women and looking for discreet relationship

Is It Worth It

Married male with strong sexual inclination looking for same in a discreet partner .

port huron Michigan married male needmoresex, 44 years old straight, married man from port huron, Michigan, United States who is seeking women and looking for one night stand

married male who needs more sex

hello, I'm a sex-aholic who's wife doesn't like sex that much,i just cant get enough!!! I am also very well endowed and skilled at pleasing women !!!! so check me out~!!!

St Catharines Ontario married male Canadascout, 58 years old straight, married man from St Catharines, Ontario, Canada who is seeking women and looking for discreet relationship

Discreet fun wanted

Married male - 46 years old looking for fun discreet get togethers with married or lonely females looking for the same

BARNOLDSWICK England married male KENHINDSLEY, 48 years old straight, married man from BARNOLDSWICK, England, United Kingdom who is seeking women and looking for anything



minneapolis Minnesota married male dave55438, 56 years old straight, single man from minneapolis, Minnesota, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

wanted: new experiences

Hi, my name is Dave koen and I live and own in Bloomington,Mn.. I am a single, white, never married male , looking for new and different experiences.

sussex county New Jersey married male luv2playinnj, 65 years old straight, married man from sussex county, New Jersey, United States who is seeking men and looking for 1-on-1 sex


I am married male looking to have discreet mutually satisifying sexual encounter with one special woman on a weekly basis, no names - no strings, totally discreet.

Las Vegas Nevada married male ardeche1, 52 years old straight, married man from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States who is seeking couples and looking for swinging couple or partner

Looking to experiment life

I am a 40 year old married male looking to experiment the pleasures of life, at this point my wife is not interested in trying but she may be depending on how things will turn out to be. I am willing to learn and hopefully can meet people with some experience, I am very open minded

Waukesha Wisconsin married male sixoneandbuilt, 39 years old straight, married man from Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

I don't really know about this.

Just bored at work and a little horny. I am an intelligent, attractive married male who is in a rut. Looking to email and go from there.

heathsville Virginia married male verylovable, 59 years old straight, married man from heathsville, Virginia, United States who is seeking women and looking for 1-on-1 sex

very open minded

a married male seeking an affair for some extra attention, not getting it at home,1 on 1 , desreet affair , im d&d free clean and neat and will travel to meet

desoto Texas married male jking316, 41 years old straight, married man from desoto, Texas, United States who is seeking women and looking for 1-on-1 sex

Married male looking for female for no strings attached

I am a married male looking for a female married or not who is looking for a no strings attached relationship. Age and looks are not that important to me so it shouldn't be to you although I don't think I'm that bad looking.

kc Missouri married male Jonneedsmore, 47 years old straight, married man from kc, Missouri, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

I need more than im getting

Im Jon 35, married male , looking to liven up the sex life, I love pleasing, very oral , love pleasing you, looking to hook up for discreet affairs

richmond Virginia married male grimwyrm, 46 years old straight, married man from richmond, Virginia, United States who is seeking women and looking for discreet relationship

unhappy married man looking

unhappy married male looking for female to have discreat meetings with, who is willing to mutiple orgasams I have a ten inch tounge and breath thru my ears!!!

East Bend North Carolina married male ycncmale4u, 35 years old straight, married (open marriage) man from East Bend, North Carolina, United States who is seeking women and looking for anything

looking for more

i am a 22yo old married male . I will not lie on these sites. I am looking for someone to have on the side. a fuck buddy basically. i have a great marriage and we have had many threesomes among many other things, but my wife and i work opposite shifts, so we do not see each other very much. she would also be willing to join if it is prefered, but like i said, i am mainly looking for someone just for me

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